Tigerwood Soap Dish


Solid handmade Brazilian Tigerwood soap dish rubbed with multiple coats of tung oil. Keep your soaps from melting away prematurely!

Tigerwood is an exotic wood species that is best known for its beautiful grain. With its deep reddish/orange background with dark vein stripes, it is a dramatic and durable hardwood, but it can haveĀ a wide range of coloring and striping. The striping can vary from fine lines to bold strokes and the color can have a large degree of color change from a light orange and tan to a deep reddish brown. It also has a highly lustrous surface that is considered almost oily in appearance.

Tigerwood is considered very dense and heavy with a Janka hardness up to 2160 depending on the growing region (67% harder than Red Oak at 1210) and has a specific gravity (SG) of 0.45. It is naturally resistant to rot and decay and will not attract mold and fungus growth, which makes it extremely popular not only for exterior use but also for furniture work, veneers, flooring and other wood projects where the dramatic look gives a certain flair to the finished product.

Tigerwood is reported to air-dry well with some minor warping or checking (which can occur in extreme conditions) and it generally resists shrinkage and movement after drying.It is dimensionally stable and resists twisting and warping, in the end, product. and will stand up well to wear.

We recommend that you purchase several soap dishes and rotate every few weeks to prevent mildew.

Approximately 4 x 3.5 inches.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in